About RCA

Rajan Chakravarthy & Associates, Chartered Accountants, “RCA” as it is called by its clients, is a professional services firm rendering Accounting, Audit, Advisory, Tax & Regulatory services to businesses & individuals in India and abroad. RCA has been in existence since the year 1976. Due to its long tenure and strong professional services, it has clients from various countries of the world like Italy, Brazil, USA, UK, China, Taiwan, Japan, Germany, etc. The firm is extremely client centric having a personalized approach to each client delivery, resolving the day to day complex and intrinsic issues of businesses and making lives hassle free.


The firm’s vision is to be a premier Accounting, Auditing, Advisory and Tax & Regulatory firm by every measure that matters.


“Providing timely high quality deliverables with quick responsiveness through our expert resources to accomplish highest client satisfaction and having everlasting client relationships

Peer reviewed firm

RCA is a peer reviewed firm. The firm’s work has been evaluated by experienced team of Chartered Accountants authorised and appointed by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India.

The main objective of Peer Review is to ensure that in carrying out the assurance service assignments, the members of the Institute ,

(i) comply with Technical, Professional and Ethical Standards as applicable including other regulatory requirements thereto and

(ii) have in place proper systems including documentation thereof, to amply demonstrate the quality of the assurance services.

Thus Peer Review is meant for the purpose of enhancing quality of professional work, transparency in technical standards used, world class procedures and techniques resulting into more reliable and useful audit and reports.

Peer Review has helped our firm do just that by evaluating our accounting and auditing practices and providing us with opportunities for improvement.